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  • Kddanse Regardemoi
  • Kddanse Imposture
  • Kddanse One
  • Kddanse Two
  • Kddanse Derrierelaporte

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Allez, au nid! Maison de quartier Vaclav Havel à Béziers (34) le 7/11/20 à 10H

Couloir(s) La Cigalière de Sérignan (34) le 12/11/20 à 18H30

Allez, au nid!  Médiathèque du Pouget (34) le  01/02/21  à 10H

Allez, au nid! Bibliothèque municipal de St. André de Sangonis (34) le  02/02/21 à 10H30

Allez, au nid! Médiathèque de ST. Pargoire (34)  le 04/02/21 à 10h30

Allez, au nid! Médiathèque de Gignac (34) le 05/02/21 à 09H30 et 11H00

Couloir(s) Salle de spectacle de ST. Gervais sur Mare le 12/02/21 à 18H30





Kirsten Debrock is a Belgium American choreographer, who graduated from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in the Netherlands, and who resides in France since 20 years. She the started her international career as a dancer, before embarking on her research as a choreographer.

compagnie kddanse

Company KD Danse

Founded in 2006, KD Danse's purpose is to define a choreographic signature in its creations, with other artists in different domains. It also has as a goal to raise dance awareness in rural and urban areas.


  • Derrière la porte
  • Regarde-Moi
  • Impostures
  • One
  • Two

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choreographic pieces

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choréographic journeys

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