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12 choreographic pieces

The company's repertory consists of 11 choreographic pieces

Look at me (Regarde­Moi!) ( 2014)

Souches (2014)

Behind the Door (Derrière la Porte) (2013)

Impostures (2012)

One (2011)

Latence (2011)

Two (2010)

Ball of life (Bal de vie) (2010)

My absence of (2009)

Time (Le temps) (2008)

The polar man (L’homme polaire) (2007)

Discussion round thé table without a defined subject (Discussion autour d'une table sur un sujet non défini) (2006).

4 choreographic Journeys

Parcours choréographiques (choreograhic processions) are meant to highlight the value of a venue, its function and the people that are involved in it.

Incipit (2008) was created for the inauguration of the Médiathèque André Malraux of Béziers (Languedoc), involving the dancers of KD Danse in close collaboration with the

employees of that institution, and the pupils of the Béziers Music Conservatory.

Parcours choréographique (2010). This creation was performed in the framework of the Arc en Ciel (Rainbow) program, for the inauguration of the Old Age Home of Nissan­les-

Ensérunes, in close collaboration between de dancers of KD Danse and the employees and several adolescent amateurs.

Les Treilles invitent à la danse (2011). This project was created by Kirsten Debrock in the framework of the Arc en Ciel (Rainbow) program for the Old Age Village Les Treilles

(climbing vine) of St Gervais sur Mare. It involved a close collaboration between the dancers of KD Danse and the residents, the personnel, a number of adolescents, the

amateur group Mine de Rien, as well as the residents of ESAT.

Inside (2012), a project created for 7 female inmates of the detention house of Nice, and 3 dancers of the company .

Comnovatech (2012), a project created as a hybrid show involving the projection of video on the dancers of KD Danse in their interaction with the public, for the inauguration

of the new IUT (Higher Institute of Technology) building of Béziers (Languedoc).

2 choreographic pieces to come

East Coast (Creation 2015)

Inertia (2017)