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Artistic view

KD Danse explores the feelings, the psychology of the human being through its smallest gestures. The pieces dissect the human beings bodies, their expectations, the movements of body and soul, in order to make the human being more human. A human being closer to us, sometimes unbearable for its paradoxes and inconsistencies.
With her choreographic scalpel, Kirsten Debrock, choreographer of KD Danse, dissects in her different pieces the human couple, solitude, the desire to please at any cost, to seduce no matter how. Each piece she makes reveals our fears and our doubts without ornaments or artifice. While one piece could be the continuation of the preceding, each one differs from the other and brings new surprises. The main theme is undoubtedly solitude, the confinement of one's being in the body, in the look of the other's eye, in his or her sex, culture and age.
In Kirsten Debrock's pieces, there is little or no communcation, and if there is, the effect is always dissonant. Omnipresent chaos rules. And yet, she suddenly allows for jerks of time and movement, the communion of spirits, the possibility of peace, a truce, a truth, a balance.

KD Danse and its members, also embody a strong commitment in society. By way of choreographic workshops with professionals, amateurs, elderly people, handicapped people, Kirsten Debrock transmits her passion and brings it to prisons, to primary schools, and to high schools, to old age homes, but also to autistic people or kids with learning problems. Contemporary dance that is at the heart of the company can be popular, where 'popular' means accessible to the greatest possible number, regardless of social background or circumstances.

Jo Witek