east coast kd danse

choreography for 6 performers

east coast

For Tracy and Guy

« the American dream was first and foremost a dream, and at that, of the old continent ». Not auto biographical, nor linear. Rather more impressionist, even surrealist, but never realistic. East Coast will be created like a dream Memories of the night which we try in vain to tell like a story. But there is no coherence in dreams; No story, just impressions. Like this strange and heavy silence just before a tornado strikes. Or this hippy with the really long hair, who was completely out of it who asked us kids "Do you want a doughnut or do you want a PLAIN doughnut"A question that still today remains obscure.

No answer. To each his own world. Whether one is conservative, puritan or a buff of dancing naked in the woods in homage to the witches of Salem, worlds and stories with one thing in common: this wild nature , marked by snowstorms and suffocating hot summers. East Coast will be colourful and full of energy, as well as full of surprising contrasts. Somewhere in between this capacity to get things done of American people, and these centennial trees that are ripped out of the earth in just two minutes by a tornado.

Midway between the massacre of the witches of Salem, and the huge crowds that protested against segregation or the war of Vietnam. In this sensory tableau, where Hopper could meet Picasso, Mondrain and Karl Appel, the movement will be nourished by hope. The downfalls, the courage, the capacity to stand up again, to face one's fears , whether they be realistic or imaginary. but still believing in a better world.........and maybe not so far away. Being the captain of your life.


Equipe :

  • Choreographer: Kirsten Debrock
  • Performers : Déborah Lary, Loriane Wagner, Nicolas Diguet, Patrick Mollo, Xavi Sanchez, Christopher Cournau
  • Sound Design : Olivier Soliveret
  • Light design : Laetitia Orsini