souches kd danse

Choreography for 3 dancers and two musicians.

based on an idea of Eric Verlet

Souches …

The quite original idea leading up to the artistic creation of "Souches" came from the initiative of Eric Verlet from the Community of Villages "Les Avants Monts du Centre Hérault". In their effort to bring together various cultures and backgrounds, and in the spirit of overture and discovery, there was the ambition of offering a rich and plural face to the region. It was in this spirit that Kirsten Debrock and the dance company KD Danse were asked to work together with Pacale Théron (Tafanari) to create "Souches."
All styles of dancing have a common link, they all share the same roots and the same origin. Those roots appear in traditional danses of all kinds. Dances were created for the sake of rituals, celebrations, and sometimes even for the sake of labor.

The dances that inspired us come from various regions of France. The intention of the show is to explore those roots of the art of living without separating them, and to translate traditional dancing in a quite contemporary form.

Paramount is the sharing of sheer pleasure in the congeniality of baléti that brings together all backgrounds and cultures, and welcomes the plurality of genres.

The show ends by a baléti contempo trad

The cast :

  • Choréographie : Kirsten Debrock
  • Performers: Mélodie Gonzales, Guillaume Pires Parades, Pascale Theron (musician), Hélène Bissières (musician), Kirsten Debrock
  • Sound design: Olivier Soliveret
  • Light design: Laetitia Orsini
  • Traditional music and compositions by Marc Peronne, Jean Christophe Laquerre and Blowzabella.

Subsidized by

Région Languedoc Roussillon
DRAC Languedoc Roussillon
Conseil Général de l’Hérault
co-producterd by Communauté de communes « les avant monts du centre Hérault »


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