derriere la porte kd danse corégraphie

Choreography for 2 dancers


for Mélys

Forbidding, mysterious, seducing, a promise of pleasure or punishment, the door both protects and locks up. No matter how, it needs to be trespassed, so we can confront whatever is hidden behind it.
In this choreographic tale, Kirsten Debrock goes back to the child of yesteryear, the child hiding under the bed covers. On stage are two adolescent girls confronting the phantoms and the apprehensions that go with the passing into adulthood.
The lighting by Laetitia Orsini together with the audio composition by Olivier Soliveret construct a dreamlike backdrop in which the choreographer awakens the bodies marked by the fears that were believed to have been overcome.
Like in fairy tales, each one of us experiences the reflexion of his or her own anxieties, one plays at getting scared so as to be better reassured when the lights are turned on again.

  • choreography: Kirsten Debrock
  • dancers: Lucille Daniel et Loriane Wagner
  • Sound Design: Olivier Soliveret
  • Light design: Laetitia Orsini
  • Texts: Jo Witek
  • Costumes: Rachel Sleet
  • External advice: Michel Vincenot
  • length: 45minutes


"In this new work, esthetically very impressive, and magnificently danced by Loriane Wagner and Lucille Daniel, Kirsten Debrock is again very much inspired. The audio composition by Olivier Soliveret and the lighting created by Laetitia Orsini contribute to the creation of an, at times, brooding, and then again much softer atmosphere. The texts written by Jo Wotek illustrate what the viewer sees: "I’m not supposed to, but in the end I'll give in to the temptation. " -  Thierry Devienne - Midi Libre

Subsidized by :

Subsidized by the D.R.A.C. Languedoc Roussillon, la Région Languedoc Roussillon et le Département de l'Hérault.
Co-produced by The Cigalière of Sérignan, the Communauté des Communes des Grands Orbs and the CCN of Biarritz.
With the support of the city of Pézenas and the Centre Ressources Molière of Pézenas
KD Danse is resident artist of the Cigalière in Sérignan, and of the Rési-Danse départemental of Aude.
This piece is supported by Réseau en Scène.

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Derriere La Porte
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