Impostures pièce chorégraphique de KD Danse

Choreographic pièce for four dancers


 In Impostures, Kirsten Debrock explores the prison gestures of the world of freedom. What is it that emprisons men and women who are supposed to be free? What is it that cuts us into pieces, without any sense of harmony or meaning. The ‘don’ts’ that govern our lives are like prison bars that one by one curtail our possibilities and lock us up in our individual and collective prisons, and thereby considerably reduce our gestures, our creativity, our thinking and our free expression.
The idea of Impostures was born during a dance workshop in the women’s division of the detention house in Nice, France. This experience led to a reflection on what happens to body and mind when one is forced to live in a confined space. The work does not describe prison life, but inevitably, it is related to that world. Is liberty defined by prison bars?


the cast

  • Choreographer : Kirsten Debrock
  • Dancers : Damien Dreux, Déborah Lary, Thomas Regnier et Loriane Wagner
  • Sound design : Olivier Soliveret
  • Lighting Design : Laetitia Orsini
  • Costumes : Rachel Sleet
  • External advice : Michel Vincenot
  • Production Administrative : Isabelle Cazien
  • In charge development / Tour Manager : Maïa Jannel


« Impostures hits one in the face: ... The work by Kirsten Debrock is not only very well finished, but she drives things to its utter limits. Hers is a remarkably powerful work. The dancers, Damien Dreux, Deborah Lary ,Thomas Regnier et Loriane Wagner bring out the best of themselves. A very powerful work indeed. » - Thierry Devienne- Midi-Libre.

« Kirsten Debrock ... develops a ballet of avoidance. The driving force of the dance here is not contact, but evasiveness.... The dance is very slow, contained, a containment that at times is torn apart by moments of violent upheaval, where each gesture is measured in exquisite detail. It plunges us into a slightly hypnotic fascination that makes avoidance attractive. One realizes there is more beauty in slow unfulfilled desire than in the unleashing of bodies, and that this can be unforgettable.» - Jean Pougnet, dans Olé.

Subsidized BY :

D.R.A.C. Languedoc Roussillon, la Région Languedoc Roussillon et le Département de l'Hérault.
En coproduction avec la Cigalière de Sérignan, la Communauté des Communes des Monts d'Orb et le théâtre le Péricope de Nîmes. Ce spectacle reçoit le soutien de Réseau en Scène Languedoc-Roussillon dans le cadre de son accompagnement au collectif En Jeux.