one kd danse pièce chorégraphie pour une danseuse

choreographic piece for one dancer.


One is other. Billions of others. One is the maker of history, large and small, the history of all mankind and its offspring. A cultural, socio-historical heritage, but also the result of encounters with others that cross one’s journey. One is constituted by all those traces, all those layers, stored in one’s memory and sensitions.
One is a plural being. One is the impact of the personal, the singular on the multiple, the universal. Yet, every individual tries to define its boundaries, to impose itself, to claim its uniqueness, its culture, its difference, while at the same time it tries to belong to a whole, a group. One accepts its heritage in the preservation of one’s uniqueness. Would the origin and the future of mankind be related to those unsaid traces ?

Equipe :

  • Choreography: Kirsten Debrock
  • Interpreter: Déborah Lary
  • Sound design: Olivier Soliveret
  • Lighting design: Laetitia Orsini
  • Developpement and tour manager : Maia Jannel
  • Production administration: Isabelle Cazien

Duration : 45 minutes.

presse :

« In the beginning, there is a body unfolding itself that becomes gigantic. This transformation occurs slowly, densely, and it is extraordinary. This vertical dance exudes an enormous force. … This first movement is followed by a second part in which the danse is performed horizontally. Her eyes closed, [the interpreter], Déborah Lary seeks contact or proximity. There too, the transformations succeed each other, reinforced as they are by very beautiful lighting. ONE is a remarkable choreography by Kirsten Debrock who is well served by an astonishingly self-controlled dancer. » - Jean Pougnet - Olé

« Kirsten Debrock, who always takes you off balance, is as demanding on her public as she is on herself. ONE is a solo dance [performed by] Déborah Lary who had already left her mark in TWO. 
The movements are at times sensual or even coy, and sometimes they are violent or even savage. The control of the movements is impressive; their fluidity is admirable. All in all, a demanding work. But it is very esthetic, and it never leaves one indifferent, for that is never the case with Kirsten Debrock. »  Thierry Devienne, Midi-Libre.

Subsidized by  :

Région Languedoc Roussillon - DRAC Languedoc Roussillon - Département de l’Hérault.In coproduction with the Theater of La Cigalière of Sérignan and the Community of townships of the Monts d’Orb qnd the support of the Cité des Arts of Dar Bouazza of Marocco.

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