two kd danse

Choreography for two dancers.




TWO, a choreography for two dancers, concerns the relation between two human beings. Research has shown that, while at first one is attracted by a picture which the other shows or by one’s own projection of the other, neither one of these has anything to do with one or the other, but they are a mirror of hormonal interactions and the concomitant images they create. Nevertheless, so the hypothesis goes, all this is so strong that we feel perturbed and, as it were, transported into another state which for a while makes us feel more alive than ever. But eventually we come to really see the other, and we realize that this will not change, which raises the question whether the couple is feasible at all. By the time the dust clears, one may already be too much involved emotionally. And so, one chooses not to notice certain things, and one continues. We bury our head in the sand.
At other times, one succeeds in feeling that the bond is so strong that the twosome does seem possible, even though this entails that one must transform oneself in order to comply to the image we project or by the image that was projected upon us.
How is it possible to be TWO without losing oneself? What is this carnal and emotional fusion, this communion (in the religious sense) between two beings, that brings us to the edge of our consciousness? Attraction, ecstasy, pleasure, respiration. The bodies stimulate, clash, fusion, mutate, and in so doing, they sculpt a fleeting and ever moving space. Becoming one is a singular journey: an amorous transport which brings us beyond our certainties, into the heart of life, and close to death. Carnal pleasure raises some of the most beautiful questions of mankind. How to be come TWO while remaining ONE. How do we accept our solitude even when we are at the heart of love?

Equipe :

  • Choreographer: Kirsten Debrock
  • Sound design: Olivier Soliveret
  • Light Design: Laetitia Orsini
  • Dancers: Déborah Lary and Thomas Regnier

Duration : 55 minutes.

presse :

« The dance] establishes a picture of sublime beauty, full of emotions, sensuality and poetry. … All in all, an ambitious and appealing work.» Midi Libre. Thierry Devienne . le 23 mars 2011.

« This show haunts me. The beauty of the first movement of bodies, simultaneously lying down within a square of light, and standing up in utter softness, with a patience we all should have in our encounters.Then there are the synchronized gestures and the increasingly dense occupation of space, bathing in fitting sound and light. What happiness and what a lesson of life this twosome gives us, as they pass by one another without touching by their look, and listen to each other. And then there is the osmosis, the brilliance of love and the symbiosis of movements. A reality that remains all too often beyond our reach. There are images that stay with me, and have left their mark. The performances of the bodies make us realize the capacity we have to always go beyond what is possible and to graze the impossible. To become utterly one, while keeping one’s identity and one’s energy only to better share it. Confrontation and death menace the balance, the return to calmness and serenity appease. » -  Isabelle Bodin (responsable de la Médiathèque de Fontès) 21 mars 2011.

An exploration of the couple and oneself. A square of light defines the boundaries of the intimate space within which, very slowly, a couple, totally synchronized move without leaving their place, looking alike to the point of making us forget who is the man and who the woman. Within this cocoon of light, they might have been twins in a womb, a sensation that was emphasized by the universe of sound, a repetitive circle of aquatic sounds that also describe the space of the couple, no clashes, everything flowing peacefully and slowly, allowing one to perceive even the slightest breath, the most minute expression, the movement of the fingers, one feels cradled, yielding to this wave until, when one expects it the least, there is the shock, at first a shock of sound; then the chase from the nest, throwing the couple in bursts of soft and violent passion.There is a Kirsten Debrock style, an utmost precise construction, a solid base upon which emotions bounce and flicker ...» - Midi libre le 12 Juin 2011.

subsidized by  :

Région Languedoc-Roussillon et le Département de l’Hérault.
With the support of Réseau en Scène - La Centre Ressources Molière de Pézena - la MJC de Béziers et le CND de Pantin

Coproduces by la Cigalière de Sérignan 

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