inertia kd danse


choreography for 2 dancers.


Like all other things in this world, the human being feels as it were irresistibly attracted to the earth.Yet, in spite of this, he also takes distance from it, when he walks on the earth, keeping himself more or less straight, more or less upright, and in doing so he seems to be able to outline his own destiny, an individual pathway with its detours, and its patches of shade and light.

But every human being also knows that there is a point where the machine breaks down, and the bodily mechanism becomes steadily less effective. Gestures lose their precision, the bones become brittle, the muscles weaken, the skin sags, and wrinkles appear: the living being grows old.

As much as we like to brag about resisting inertia, we want to avoid the topic of our unavoidable degeneration which begins as soon as we are born and leads to our final demise. End of story. End of gravity and of gravitation. Man no longer lives on, but under the earth. And when it comes to that, each one can have his own beliefs.

In our day and age, the question arises whether it is still possible to speak of old age beyond the old age home? Beyond the peripheral zones that are nowadays dedicated to bodily decline? Is it still possible to look at a stunted, decrepit, and deteriorating body without rushing towards a gym in order to prove to oneself that old age is far away? that it is for later, that is something that concerns others and, indeed that it is something to be avoided like the plague till the very end, because old age is ugly and nobody wants it. Is it still possible to watch a body growing old, changing, weakening? That it tells us more than about sex, health, and activity? something else than a body commercial? Or is there maybe an altogether different beauty to be found behind declining gestures, impaired steps and lost looks? Bodies and their inertia have a hard time being noticed in our modern societies where only perfectly shaped beings are displayed.

The team :

  • Choreographie : Kirsten Debrock
  • Dancers : Déborah Lary et Tamara Bacci
  • Audio track ans musical creation : Olivier Soliveret
  • lighting : Laetitia Orsini
  • Production administrator : Isabelle Cazien
  • Production and developpement : Maïa Jannel.